an|o|rex|ic [ˌænəˈreksık] adj
suffering from or relating to anorexia
>anorexic n

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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  • anorexic — anorexic, anorectic Both words, adjectives derived from anorexia meaning ‘obsessive loss of appetite’, are in use. but anorexic is far more common and will eventually oust anorectic completely. It is also used absolutely as a quasi noun. Examples …   Modern English usage

  • anorexic — [an΄əret′ikan΄ə reks′ik] adj. 1. suffering from anorexia 2. suppressing appetite for food n. 1. an anorexic person 2. an anorexic drug: Also anorectic [an΄ərek′tik] or anoretic [an΄əret′ik] …   English World dictionary

  • anorexic — (adj.) 1876; see ANOREXIA (Cf. anorexia) + IC (Cf. ic). The immediate source or model is perhaps Fr. anorexique. As a noun meaning person with anorexia nervosa it is attested from 1913 …   Etymology dictionary

  • anorexic — [adj] starving bulimic, emaciated, malnourished, sickly looking, thin, without appetite; concepts 490,491 …   New thesaurus

  • anorexic — (also anorectic) ► ADJECTIVE ▪ relating to or suffering from anorexia. ► NOUN 1) a person suffering from anorexia. 2) (anorectic) a medicine which produces a loss of appetite …   English terms dictionary

  • anorexic — [[t]ænəre̱ksɪk[/t]] anorexics ADJ If someone is anorexic, they are suffering from anorexia and so are very thin. Claire had been anorexic for three years. anorexic teenager. N COUNT An anorexic is someone who is anorexic. Not eating makes… …   English dictionary

  • anorexic — I UK [ˌænəˈreksɪk] / US adjective 1) suffering from anorexia 2) informal extremely thin II UK [ˌænəˈreksɪk] / US noun [countable] Word forms anorexic : singular anorexic plural anorexics someone who has anorexia …   English dictionary

  • anorexic — SYN: anorectic. * * * an·orex·ic rek sik adj 1) ANORECTIC (1a){{}}(2) 2) affected with anorexia nervosa anorexic n a person affected with anorexia nervosa * * * ano·rex·ic (an″o rekґsik) anorectic …   Medical dictionary

  • anorexic — an|o|rex|ic1 [ ,ænə reksık ] adjective 1. ) suffering from anorexia 2. ) INFORMAL extremely thin anorexic an|o|rex|ic 2 [ ,ænə reksık ] noun count someone who has ANOREXIA …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • anorexic — adjective suffering from or connected with anorexia anorexic noun (C) …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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